Hibernated 1: This Place is Death

Have you ever dreamed about a journey far beyond the known regions of the universe? Hibernated 1: This Place is Death is a Science-Fiction text adventure for C64/C128, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and DOS. It is the first interactive story in an epic trilogy centered around Olivia Lund, who has been sent on an interplanetary exploration mission by the Terran Alliance.

Loading the game on Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
The Spectrum version runs in 42 beautiful columns.

After being in hypersleep for more than 200 years and with more than 800 light-years being travelled, her ship, the Polaris-7, crosses paths with a gigantic alien vessel and is captured by a tractor beam. Olivia soon finds out that this may not be her only problem. There is no communication and there are no signs of life. The extraterrestrial spacecraft just continues to drift through the cosmic void, something it seems to be doing for thousands of years now. This is a tomb in-between the stars, which Olivia has to enter to extricate herself from this interstellar trap. Io, the navigation robot of the Polaris-7, is probably her only friend now. Far away from home and surrounded by death and decay, she found the answer to one of the greatest questions of mankind. Are we alone? The answer is: yes, out here, we are more alone than ever.

The feedback for Hibernated 1 has been overwhelming. It is featured in both the Zzap!64 and Crash annuals of 2019, a great honor. It can also be found in numerous other publications, such as the Classic Adventurer, a lovely bookazine dedicated to the forgotten art of classic text adventures. The game is available for various legacy computer systems, including the most important European home computers of the 80s and early 90s. Most likely no other release in the wave of new retro games supports so many platforms.

Hibernated 1 is published by Pond Software and will also be available as a physical release with extra goodies. Hibernated 1 downloads are available from itch.io. Hit the Pond logo at the bottom to visit the official forums.

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