Eight Feet Under

Did you ever wonder what exactly the robot spider did when it ran into the wall to help Olivia? In the bonus adventure for the physical release of Hibernated 1, you can now find this out for yourself. “Eight Feet Under” is a futuristic, interactive novella that introduces the second main character of the Hibernated science fiction series: Vermin Extermination Unit 972, also known under the nickname Vlad. Travel back with Vlad into the eternal darkness of the Lyra constellation, save Olivia and Io from the eerie dangers and secrets lurking in the depths of the stranded alien ship and experience four exciting chapters:

I. Closer to the Stars
II. The Queen of the Swamp Crawlers
III. Breaking Barriers
IV. Kingdom of the Sting Tail Scourges

The game is currently in production. Please note that “Eight Feet Under” won’t be available as a download, it will be exclusive bonus content to the physical release of Hibernated 1. Instead of continuing the story, Vlad’s adventure tells a previously unknown part of the events of Hibernated 1. The physical release containing both games will be exclusively published by Pond Software for C64 / C128, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS.